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Taking care of the health and well-being of your employees is taking care of your business. In DKV we are committed to a healthier world, so we want to give you what you need to also take care of the health of your business, because we want to help you make everything work better. DKV Salud & Company represents the link between DKV, health and your company. Because taking care of your health and that of your employees is taking care of your business. DKV Salud & Pymes As a medium-sized company, we know how important your employees are: give them what they need to motivate them and that they acquire a greater commitment. In DKV we help you to achieve it.

We offer you a unique opportunity to contract your DKV insurance. Because there are many things that, like your job, you cannot leave for tomorrow. How to take care of yourself Any insurance must start with a commitment. The one we offer starts with five. Your employees are important and this opportunity too. For an SME, its employees are the most important, so it is essential to motivate them by giving them what they need to take care of their health and well-being. And in DKV we offer you all the flexibility, so that you can offer it to them.


We know how important it is to square numbers in a business. That is why we guarantee the best price with better conditions than for private insurance.


We help you attract and retain talent, creating a healthy and close work environment.


You will have tax advantages of up to 500 euros. Interesting, right?


Wherever you are and when you need it. The 24-hour DKV Doctor will assist you through its specialized medical lines. Also with the Digital Doctor app you can make a video call with a doctor to answer your questions.


We offer you the best option to retain your employees and thus combat absenteeism

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