DKV Famedic

The most affordable family health insurance

Free and unlimited general consultations in the main medical specialities

Con más de 29.000 profesionales y 1.000 centros médicos

Discounts in all medical specialities and complementary tests

Commitment of non-cancellation of policy and discounts for family unit policies

Single premium for families covering up to 8 members

Medical advice by phone at any time


Online authorizations

Accessing your personal client area you can make your online transactions

Our family insurance adapts to your needs

DKV Famedic What is DKV Famedic?

A health insurance for the whole family with seven free and unlimited medical specialties, with no age limit or pre-existence. A single rate for the whole family.

Seguro Familiar Plus

DKV Famedic Plus

Only 22,50 €/month
per family

Access to the best specialists and medical centres with a single price for your family of up to 8 members. And also, the general medicine speciality without an appointment, for a quick diagnosis.

DKV Famedic Plus gives you unlimited access to Plus medical centres for consultations in general medicine, nursing services, paediatrics, gynaecology, ophthalmology, dermatology and traumatology.

seguro médico profesional

DKV Famedic Profesional

Only 32,50 €/month
per family

It is the first health insurance designed so that professionals have the peace of mind and benefit they need, including their families.

Online medical consultation, with the Digital Doctor app, via video call, chat, and symptom checker.

Legal advice service by phone, provided by a company specialised in legal defence. 

If you are a self-employed worker, free access to an Ultimate Factuconta plan, a cloud-based billing, accounting and tax tool offered by Contasimple.

¿What does DKV Famedic offer?

Your whole family, for the same price

Basic medical assistance and well-being for all your family (up to 8 members). Free and unlimited consultations in the most demanded specialities: general medicine, nursing services, paediatrics, gynaecology, ophthalmology, dermatology and traumatology.

See your GP without an appointment

Option of going to a GP consultation with or without an appointment.

Easy access to private medicine

No waiting periods or no statement of health required, you will be able to access the most requested medical specialists.

Telephone advice helplines

Medical advice helpline at any time and from anywhere. If you are worried about a symptom, call us and an agent on one of our 9 helplines will be happy attend to you: general medicine, psychology, nutrition, women’s health, sports health, pregnancy, paediatrics, childhood obesity and tropical medicine.

We take care of your smile

47 dental services included and others with large discounts: Consultations, check-ups, intraoral x-rays, fluoridation, dressings, studies…

Reimbursement in cases of serious dental injuries

Reimbursement of medical costs in the event of serious dental injuries up to EUR 6,000.

No age limit

An insurance policy designed for all ages without restrictions or age limits.

Legal advice helpline

Handled by a specialist lawyer, to inform you of the extent of your rights in matters related to your individual or family life.

Physiotherapy sessions

20 physiotherapy sessions per year for the policyholder.

Plus medical services.

Discounts in medical specialities and complementary tests in DKV Famedic Salud y Bienestar and with no payment until you use the service.

The most economical option to access the best private medical assistance.


Oral service included.

Telephone medical lines.

Medical assistance in work and traffic accidents.

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